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 what happened? you're all dead or something? come on! i know theres still a few of you out there! why did this community die? while the other eisley communities are still being updated? and all im seeing is icons. icons icons icons icons icons. (ok i lie the icons are very good i lke them all keep up the good work) but i think we should liven up. think. think about when you first were apart of this community werent you excited? like "all right! a community dedicated to sherri!" (haha lame i know but its true!) is there something your not telling me? some reason as to why it just, died? what do you think went wrong ?and when?

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I'M NOT DEAD!!!! I LOVE Sherri! I tried to remember like you said when I first found this community....and I remember I actually "squee'd"! So, yes, we MUST keep this thing alive and kickin'!
YAY! haha, i LOVE Sherri too! i love her creativeness she inspires me so much! i just wished i knew about them years earlier :(
i've been trying to think of stuff to post to make people more interested and wanting to participate more. i just might end up posting lots of little random things about sherri xD
wanna help?
absolutely!!! what shall i do?
hmmm... well you can post any random little thing about sherri ^^' for now until i think of sumthin' smart :D
yeah i tried to figure out a cool way to get people involved like a year ago on here but no one replied except one person. so i dont know what we could do now.