we'll find forever in the ashes of a car crash (im_simply_sarah) wrote in sherri_fan,
we'll find forever in the ashes of a car crash

so, i'm a new member here through one of my friends, becca (winters_left_me). i couldn't help but notice how inactive this community is.

maybe we could start up something really sweet.
i was discussing it with becca and we decided maybe we could have some weekly activities having to do with Sherri somehow.
whether it be pictures or handmade things or baking "sugary goods."

but we could come up with a weekly theme and then everyone who does it can update with things following the theme.
i really suck on explaining it, but wouldn't it be nice to have an active community that everyone can enjoy?
i'm sure if you're here for Sherri, you wouldn't mind doing something Sherri-esque.

plus, it might get more people to join if it's worth joining for.
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